Eco Friendly Paint

For home and business owners, the right kind of paint makes all the difference to the look and feel of their residence or building. Until recently, the biggest concern about choosing the right paint was its color and durability. Today, there are new concerns about traditional paints that have more people search for eco friendly paint products.

But what is eco friendly paint and does it hold up like traditional paint products? The more you know, the better informed you will be about choosing the best paint for your home, office, or facility.

Concerns About Traditional Paint

Since the 1970s when lead was banned from paints, a move was made towards other substances that provided the same type of strength and durability that would keep the paint strong year after year. Unfortunately, this has led to the increased presence of other unwanted substances in paints that have proven to be dangerous.

VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are found in paints that are oil-based. It was believed until recently that the VOCs were locked into the paint once it dried. However, recent studies have shown that these substances still leak out of paint for years after they have been applied. Some of the reported health issues from long-term exposure to VOCs include the following;

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Eye Irritation
  • Respiratory Issues

In rare cases, long-term exposure to VOCs may cause damage to the lungs and kidneys and may cause cancer.

: While some pigments are made from natural products, many are chemicals that may cause harm when inhaled or improperly disposed.

Fungicides: The fungicides and biocides used to prevent mildew and extend shelf life also contain toxins that can be harmful. They not only pollute the air, but if not properly disposed of, the groundwater as well.

Benefits of Eco Friendly Paint

The immediate benefit to using this type of paint is that it contains little to no VOCs, fungicides, biocides, or artificial pigments. By using natural substances, the eco friendly paint provides a safe environment inside the home, office, or facility.

 Thanks to the inclusion of proper, natural elements, environmentally friendly paints now have the strength and durability of their traditional counterparts. This means that under normal conditions, they should last for years before new paint is needed.

 The use of natural pigments provides a wide-variety of color choices. This means that you can select the right color combination you want for your residential or commercial property.
Attribute in Selling Property: While the presence of paint that is environmentally friendly has not been shown to increase the price of residential or commercial properties, it is a strong selling point that provides an additional incentive to those interested in making a purchase.

By using eco friendly paint from companies like Hybrid Coating Technologies, you are avoiding the issues caused by traditional paints and bolstering the quality of the air indoors. This means a reduction of health issues for those who live or work inside and peace of mind, knowing that you are helping to protect the environment.

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