Is Polyurethane Foam Safe?

polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam which contains toxic isocyanates is found in many different places from your furniture, bedding, walls, under the carpet, and even in personal gear such as helmets and shoes. Because of its unique qualities, it can be found in many different places. However, is polyurethane foam with toxic isocyanates safe to be around? According …

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Non Toxic Polyurethane Industrial Floor Coating

nontoxic polyurethane floor coating

The multibillion-dollar coatings industry has recently seen more scrutiny on polyurethane and its application.  Most of this focus has been on worker safety by OSHA, which has created new standards and recommendations for businesses who use polyurethane.  Typically an applicator will adorn a full protective suit with coverage from head to toe due to the …

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Green Solutions for the Polyurethane Industry

environmental polyurethane coating

Industrial floor coatings, are necessary for protecting substrates such as steel and concrete and are used by most industries. The process of application starts with a top coat to ensure corrosion protection with additional coatings that can be applied to avoid rust and create shimmer for a pleasant visual appeal. By coating the floor of …

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Is Polyurethane Toxic?

toxic polyurethane

Is polyurethane toxic? There are many industrial floor coatings that can be used to coat industrial or garage floors, but most common applications are epoxy and polyurethane. These traditional coatings also include a variety of toxic isocyanates that are located within the coating itself. Individuals and businesses need to be aware when they are purchasing …

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