Fretting Corrosion: Causes and Prevention

fretting corrosion on wheel

What is Fretting Corrosion? Fretting corrosion occurs when two surfaces that have been rubbing against one another under significant load. This type of corrosion is also known as chafing corrosion and can be detrimental to materials, reducing their fatigue strength and leading to increased surface roughness and micro pits. Fretting is a type of wear …

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Filiform Corrosion: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

filiform corrosion

What is Filiform Corrosion? Filiform corrosion is a type of localized corrosion that occurs on metal surfaces that are coated with an organic coating such as paint. It is also known as “underfilm,” “localized,” or “filamentary” corrosion. This type of corrosion is commonly observed on aluminum and magnesium alloys that use an organic coating that …

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Uniform Corrosion: Causes, Effects, Mitigation Strategies

uniform corrosion

What is Uniform Corrosion? Uniform corrosion is a common type of corrosion that affects the metal surfaces evenly across the material being attacked. In this type of corrosion, the corroded areas are distributed uniformly, leading to a general loss of material thickness. As metal gradually loses its thickness, it experiences a reduction in mechanical strength, …

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Pitting Corrosion: Causes, Effects, and Preventative Measures

pitting corrosion

What is Pitting Corrosion? Pitting corrosion is a type of localized corrosion that affects various metals, causing small, deep pits to form on their surfaces. This type of corrosion is insidious, as it progresses at a much faster rate than general corrosion, often leading to severe damage and even component failure. The mechanism of pitting …

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Types of Corrosion

Uniform Corrosion Uniform corrosion, as the name suggests, is an evenly distributed type of corrosion that affects the entire surface of a metal. This type of corrosion occurs when metal is exposed to a corrosive environment, causing it to undergo a chemical reaction with oxygen and moisture. The reaction leads to the formation of oxide …

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