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Non-Toxic Polyurethane for Electrical Potting


Polyurethane is a product that is used in many applications, from electrical potting that covers electrical systems to floor coatings to foam for couches, chairs, and bedding. Understanding what is polyurethane will help in your decision-making process of whether you should purchase products that contain this ingredient for you home or office.

Formed by a reaction of a polyol, which is an alcohol that contains two or more hydroxyl groups in each molecule, with a polymeric isocyanate or diisocyanate within suitable catalysts, this substance offers a wide-variety of uses thanks to its inherent strength, flexibility, and versatility. The different types of polyurethane include the following products that are found in the home, office, or facility.

  • Electrical Potting
  • Flexible and Rigid Foam
  • Sealants, Coatings, and Adhesives
  • Thermoplastic
  • Binders
  • Reaction Injection Molding
  • Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersions

You can find polyurethane in many different products, including fashion, appliances, construction, electronics, composite wood, furnishings, flooring, medical, packaging, marine, and more.
Polyurethane adds strength and flexibility to the materials used to make different products and applications. Its discovery and use has revolutionized several industries as it provides additional strength, durability, and flexibility for very little cost.


Although widely used since it was developed during World War II as a replacement for rubber, polyurethane has created health issues for those who breathe in the fumes created when the product is being applied. Or, when it is released into the air because of heat or a fire.
Polyurethane contains a resin with isocyanates or volatile organic compounds (VOC) that may do damage to the respiratory system when inhaled. This can occur when floor coatings that use polyurethane are being applied wet, releasing the toxins into the atmosphere or when on fire, such as cushions that have been ignited.

The health issues that are associated with inhaling VOCs from polyurethane products include, but are not limited, to the following;

  • Eye and throat irritation
  • Headaches, nausea, and vomiting
  • Coughing, shortness of breath, and causing asthma attacks

Children, the elderly, and those with respiratory issues are more susceptible to the toxicity of polyurethane when released into the atmosphere. Recent studies have shown that years after application, polyurethane is still released into the atmosphere. Although the amount of polyurethane being released is small, it can build up over time indoors and create respiratory issues.

Despite the prevalence of polyurethane, there are many alternative products available that provide strength, durability, and flexibility without the VOCs. This means that you can purchase electrical potting compounds, floor coatings, paints, and sealants which have little to no volatile organic chemicals that can cause respiratory issues.

Once you know the realities of polyurethane’s toxic nature you can make the best-informed decision about what products you want to put into your home, office, or facility. While some products that incorporate polyurethane may seem safe, because the toxins can be released into the atmosphere during application, heat, or fire, you should consider the consequences and alternative products that are safe to use such as Hybrid Coatings Green Coatings.   For more info click HERE for a free estimate of your next project.


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