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Does Your Business Need Non Toxic Commercial Floor Coatings?


One of the most important aspects of staying in business whether you are just starting out or have become a well-established corporation is controlling expenses. The better you can contain how much you spend, the more you can withstand unexpected expenses that might otherwise negatively affect your business. Such expenses include the maintenance and protection of your property where non-toxic commercial floor coatings can play a significant role.

How Floor Coatings Help Your Business

Commercial floor coatings are designed to protect the concrete floors of your loading areas, warehouses, storage and maintenance facilities. While concrete is a strong, durable material that will last for many years, it is also porous and subject to chipping and cracks which can compromise the floor. This is especially true for auto shops or vehicle maintenance areas where oil stains are quite common.

However, even if your business only has light foot traffic for your concrete floors, it still pays to protect them with a proper coating. The coatings are made from epoxy and polyurethane products that provide great strength and impact resistance.  These coatings add approximately 1/8th to 1/4th of new material to the concrete floor, which resists impacts and seals the surface making it easy to clean.
This means that your maintenance costs are reduced. Plus, since the integrity of the concrete floors are kept intact, it helps to maintain the value of your property. The sight of a clean, like-new concrete floor can make a substantial impression on potential buyers which helps to hold the value of your building. Depending on your business, you may see a considerable boost in terms of what you earn in selling compared to letting your concrete floors become dingy, discolored, stained, and cracked.

Unfortunately, there is one drawback to traditional floor coatings and that is the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds are hazardous to the health of those working inside your business or facility. Until recently, it was believed that VOCs which come from polyurethane were only released when the coating was applied. However, studies have demonstrated that VOCs are still released even when the coating has hardened. This means that you should be looking for non-toxic versions of floor coatings designed for concrete.

The Green Alternative
When choosing green non-toxic commercial floor coatings, check Hybrid Coating Technologies. We offer a substantial line of green products that provide the strength and durability of traditional floor coatings while greatly reducing the exposure to dangerous VOCs. The floor coatings provided are tough, durable, and impact-resistant and will last for years to come.

The green products provided are applied in the same manner as traditional floor coatings. Once they harden, they protect your floors for years to come without the danger of VOCs leaking into the atmosphere. This means that you can rest easy knowing the products used have little to no VOCs present.

If you are considering protecting the concrete floor of your warehouse, facility, loading area, or other location, contact us today for a safe, effective alternative that is also competitively priced.


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