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Low VOC Concrete Sealer

Traditional concrete sealer products contain polyurethane and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that present a danger to your residence or business. For many years, the belief was that such toxic compounds were only dangerous when the product was in a liquid state. Once dry, it was believed that that VOCs were locked in and never released into the air again.

However, recent studies have shown that low amounts of VOCs leak into the indoor air where over time long-term exposure may cause a variety of health issues that may affect those living or working inside. Recently, a new line of low VOC concrete sealer products has been made available to the public. It should be noted that low VOC does not mean no VOC.

Applying Concreate Sealer Products
To maximize the effectiveness of the sealer, the concrete flooring needs to be cleaned, dried, have neutral pH. The floor needs to be porous to allow the sealer to sink into the surface so that it can provide maximum protection.

The first step is cleaning the floor, removing as much of the stains and discoloration as possible. This will provide the best surface for the sealer to take hold. Keep in mind that any remaining stains or discoloration will be sealed into the floor because of adding the sealer product, so depending on the condition you may want to have the top layer removed via sandblasting or other effective methods.
Once the floor has been cleaned, it will need some time to dry out completely so that no moisture is trapped under the sealer. You may open the windows or use fans and blowers to help dry the floor faster after it has been cleaned. You can test the porosity of the floor by placing a drop of water on the surface and seeing how long it takes for it to be absorbed. If it only takes a few minutes, your floor is clean and ready for the sealer.

Truth about Low VOC Sealers

There is arguably no effective concrete sealer product that lacks VOCs as part of its ingredients. This is because for sealers to work they must bond with the concrete, fill up the gaps, and last for a long time. Toxic products like polyurethane work considerably better than non-toxic materials and it;s cheap to produce. That is why many manufacturers will only replace part of the VOCs in their sealer products so it maintains their effectiveness and price.

However, you should keep in mind that while low VOC concreate sealer products lessen the chances for health issues to develop, they do not eliminate them. This means that areas where you use the sealers should be well-ventilated so that whatever VOCs are leaked into the air are removed quickly. This will help reduce the indoor air pollution which helps protect those who live or work inside.
At Hybrid Coating Technologies, you can learn more about low VOC concrete sealer products. We offer non-toxic alternatives for affordable prices that offer the same overall quality as traditional sealers. Let the experts at Hybrid Coating Technologies help you make the best-informed decision about the type of concrete sealer products for your needs. For more info please feel free to contact us here


For more info please feel free to contact us here