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Is Polyurethane Toxic or Hazardous To My Health?


Polyurethane is one of the most popular substances used in manufacturing today. You can find polyurethane in all types of products that range from paints and floor coatings to the cushions you find in your couch. Its sheer popularity may seem contrary to the notion that it may not be a safe product to be around. The question: “Is polyurethane toxic” is a question that should be answered honestly so that you can make the best-informed choice about choosing products that contain this substance.

What is Polyurethane?
Polyurethane is a petroleum-based product that is used in a wide range of applications. This is because polyurethane is strong, flexible, and versatile, being able to improve a considerable number of products in terms of their durability and longevity.
For example, when added to paints and floor coatings, they provide additional strength, which makes them last longer. The polyurethane added may be comparable to latex for example, but it is generally stronger and can withstand higher temperatures. However, for all its benefits, polyurethane does contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that present a danger to those living or working inside.

What are VOCs?
VOCs are toxic substances that are released from polyurethane when wet, dry, or if considerable heat is applied. The dangers of VOCs have been known for many years, which is why when applied protection is worn to keep the VOCs from entering the lungs. However, until recently, it was assumed that once the polyurethane paint or floor coating dried, the VOCs were locked in and could not escape.
Recent studies have shown that small amounts of VOCs are released for months and even years after the product has been applied. While paints and coatings that are used outdoors have their VOCs dispersed by the wind, when indoors they become trapped and build up over time.

The effects of VOCs are mostly in the respiratory system. For those who have asthma or other respiratory issues, the presence of VOCs may cause an unwanted reaction or illness that might go undiagnosed. This is because the respiratory issues created by the presence of VOCs might be misinterpreted as being from other factors, such as allergens for example.

It is the new research revealing that the dangers of VOCs, toxins do not completely go away when the polyurethane product has dried ,which is causing more individuals and businesses to look for alternatives.

Alternate Solutions
If you are considering painting or using floor coatings inside your home, office, or facility, then may want to consider a non-toxic alternative from Hybrid Coating Technologies.  We offer green solutions to protect the walls, ceilings, and floors of your property using paint and floor coatings with low to no VOCs.  In addition to the lack of toxins, HCT’s products are strong, long-lasting, and work for your home or business without replacement for many years past our nearest competitors.

If you are looking for the right paint or floor coating and concerned about safety of polyurethane get a free no obligation quote HERE.


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