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Industrial Floor Coatings – Is greener better for customers?

Industrial Floor Coatings – Is greener better for customers?
March 10, 2014

Industrial Floor Coatings are used in a multitude of businesses including hospitals, restaurants, schools, wherehouses, airport hangars, garages, etc. With so many applications its predictability for complications and widespread impact is clearly a factor in the creation of a formula that miminimizes its impact on both the environment and humans.

Current commercial floor coatings are predominantly polyurethane based applications, which contain the toxic substance "isocyanates." This substance has been known to increase risk of inflammatory conditions in the chest, throat and nose leading to asthma, restricted breathing, nausea, vomiting and even death. Most notable of all disasters was the Bhopal disaster in India, where Union Carbides manufacturing plant leaked isocyanates killing upwards of 10,000 people over a period of several years.

While we haven't seen this kind of disaster in many years, its impact was clear and devastating. Industrial floor coatings still have toxicicity, but newer and greener solutions have begun to spring forward onto the commercial flooring market. Some of these are epoxy resin based solutions and can coat floors without toxic isocyanates, while adding enhanced chemical resistance. The only drawback to these epoxies is that their lifecyle is limitted in comparison to traditional polyurethane coatings.

This limitation set the stage for greener solutions that were not only better for employee applicators, but for the customers who tread on the coated floors. Currently the challenge of most applications is to create a coating with the chemical resistance of an epoxy with no isocyanates and to add in the durability of a traditional polyurethane.

Hybrid Coating Technologies has crossed this bridge with its Green Polyurethane, a cross between epoxy and polyurethane with no isocyanates. The new and revolutionary coating has several advantages over other coatings including:

Zero Toxic Isocyanates, Zero VOCs, 100% Solids, Minimal Odor 2 Times Wear Resistance & Excellent Adhesion High Gloss, Self-Priming - Achieve Any Thickness in One Coat Increased Resistance to Chemical Degradation & Corrosion Safe & Easy Curing In Cold, Hot & Sunny Conditions Increased Hydrolytic Stability

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