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A Quick Guide to Concrete Coatings


Have you considering coating the concrete of your basement or garage?  While there are many types of concrete coatings available on the market, you may find brands with a great reputation, but not all products may be suitable for your requirements.

A concrete coating that is durable and long lasting can add a certain decorative touch to your floors, besides being slip resistant. You can more than make up on the investment made in these products as a first-rate, durable coating on the concrete can help increase the value of your property.

You can also choose from a variety of concrete coatings which feature decorative flakes imbedded into the coating, so as to provide an added color and style to the flooring. This really helps transform the room and gives it a completely new look and feel. You can choose from multiple color options for the floor with a number of different patterns of decorative flakes.

Adding the flakes to the coating makes it more slip resistant, and you won’t have to worry about someone slipping on liquid spilled on the flooring. You can also add more compounds to enhance the slip resistance of the concrete flooring.

You can choose from coatings with additional compounds such as aluminum oxide, which float to the top of the coat and offers better traction. Adding aluminum oxide ensures that the coating does not rust easily. This is recommended for floors that see a plenty of foot traffic, such as a parking lot.
For floors that see relatively low foot traffic, you only need to apply one or two coats of the paint. But not in the garage as the hot tires of a car or SUV can peel off the paint easily.

There are things you should watch out for such as foul odor from the covering. Such coats emit a gas that is filled with dangerous chemicals called as volatile organic compounds (VOC) which are harmful for your health and really bad for the environment.

They are dangerous because they are highly flammable, which is why it is important you choose concrete coatings that are completely free from VOC, such as those from Hybrid Coating Technologies™. HCT offers a modified hybrid polyurethane used in paints and concrete coatings which does not use toxic compounds such as isocyanates during the manufacturing process. This is one of the best substitutes available on the market for epoxies and polyurethane, which are used in conventional coatings.

With less toxins, cost savings of 30-60% and far superior properties of it’s competitors, HCT’s coatings give additional assurance through it’s approveal by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other concerned regulatory agencies in various countries.  As such, it’s recommended as a substitute for conventional polyurethane which is used in most traditional concrete coatings.
With zero toxic Isocyanates and contain ZERO VOCs, Hybrid coatings have little or no odor and are comprised of 100% solids. These coatings are also resistant to corrosion and feature a non-porous coating structure, which makes them very durable. To find out more please visit:


For more info please feel free to contact us here