About Us

Hybrid Coating Technologies (HCT) is a San Francisco-based innovator focused on improving the quality and safety of coatings and paint for industrial and commercial customers around the world. We are the exclusive licensee ofl Green Polyurethane™ coatings and paint – the world’s first-ever patent protected polyurethane-based coatings and paint products which eliminate toxic isocyanates from the entire production process (licensed by Nanotech Industries, Inc.).

The Problem of Conventional Coatings/Paint and Isocyanates

Conventional polyurethane (PU) paint and coatings have many disadvantages: they are porous, permeable and maintain poor hydrolytic stability. This makes the material highly vulnerable to environmental degradation and ultimately leads to their chemical decomposition, especially when in contact with water. Even worse, the manufacture of conventional polyurethane involves highly toxic components such as isocyanates, which can cause irritation of skin and mucous membranes, chest tightness, difficult breathing, upset stomach, fevers and prolonged exposure has been known to cause severe asthma and even death.

Since conventional polyurethanes contain isocyanates, very strict health and safety measures related to their use must be taken. In addition, special measures for the preparation of fillers for paints and coatings must be taken since isocyanates are very sensitive to moisture. Both of these issues lead to a highly regulated and costly working environment. On the other hand, it is not necessary to address any of these issues with Green Polyurethane™ since no isocyanates are used at any stage of the production or application process – making it hundreds of times less toxic than conventional PU.

Current global trends toward more environmentally sound products and new legislative restrictions on the use of hazardous materials and their chemical by-products pose formidable obstacles to conventional polyurethane manufacturers. Governmental health agencies and workers unions are beginning to actively speak out and regulate against the dangers of isocyanates in the workplace.

The Green Polyurethane™ Solution

Green Polyurethane™ (also referred to as “HNIPU” - hybrid non-isocyanate polyurethane) is a “hybrid” material, which combines the high chemical resistance properties of epoxy and advanced durability and wear resistance properties of polyurethane, making it the perfect application for protecting high traffic and corrosive surface areas, especially those with higher safety and sanitary application requirements. Due to its 100% solids, specific curing formulation, Green Polyurethane ™ can be applied in one layer (depending on substrate), providing a welcome cost-saving substitute to currently used multi-layered flooring systems. Green Polyurethane™ also provides the first sound solution to the environmental and health hazards associated with isocyanates in polyurethane. Its zero isocyanate, zero VOC safety features allow it to be applied without the interruption of business due to public exposure, creating a 30-60% savings on application costs for customers.