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Why VOC Free Flooring Products Are Important for Your Business

Why VOC Free Flooring Products Are Important for Your Business

Oct 25, 2016

Floor coatings are very popular products that offer ample protection for different types of floors. In particular, concrete floors benefit from paints and coatings which shore up the weaknesses and help it to last longer against the erosive elements that would otherwise degrade the quality of the floors.
However, many of these products contain toxic elements that contribute to indoor air pollution. Over time, such elements may cause health issues among the employees who are exposed. One of the most damaging of all toxins used in flooring products are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

What is VOC?
These are compounds that are found mostly in petroleum-based products such as the polyurethane that is used in floor coatings. Polyurethane may be the most versatile ingredient on the market today as it adds strength, durability, and even flexibility to paints, coatings, and a myriad of other products. However, the VOCs that it contains represents a danger to the quality of the indoor air of your building.
When applied, the floor coating is in a wet or liquid form that releases VOCs into the air. This is why many installers will wear masks and ventilate the area with fans to reduce the number of VOCs present. As the coating dries, the remaining VOCs are trapped and only released in small amounts over time. However, even in small amounts VOCs represent a danger to the quality of the indoor air, particularly in buildings that are not well ventilated.  

Benefits of VOC Free Flooring Products

Recently, there has been a movement towards VOC free flooring and related products which use far fewer toxins that make it safe to be applied inside buildings and structures. The advantages of such products over time can pay dividends to your business.

No Toxins: By removing the VOCs, the floor coating product is now safe to apply in buildings without the threat of creating additional indoor air pollution. This is particular true when it dries and hardens as it creates a strong, durable substance that does not release VOCs into the atmosphere.

High Quality: The replacement of VOCs with safe, green products has resulted in a high quality product that is highly durable and resilient. This means that you get the same overall quality in terms of floor protection as with polyurethane products that have VOCs. So, you are not losing out on quality when it comes to these products.

Lasting Benefits: Your floor will be protected for years to come thanks to the use of coatings free of VOCs. Plus, it will add to the sale value of your building because new owners are looking for structures that are free of pollutants. By going green, you can improve the sale value of the property itself whenever you choose to put it on the market.

Using green products when it comes to floor coatings results in getting the protection needed while protecting the health of those who work inside. For those who want more information about the benefits of VOC free flooring products, you can consult with the experts at Hybrid Coating Technologies.

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