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Why Industrial Floor Paint is Important for Your Business


There are many different costs associated with running a business, including the repair and renovation of your facilities. Over time, your warehouse, storage area, and facilities will need some form of repair or renovation to keep up with building codes, address a specific need, or simply to keep up the appearance which affects the property value.

The more protection that can be added to a facility, such as adding a new coat of paint for example, the lower the overall costs of repair and renovation will be in the long run. While adding new coats of paint to the interior and exterior walls is obvious, many businesses overlook protecting their concrete floors. Unless properly addressed with industrial floor paint, even the best concrete flooring will stain, chip, and crack over time.

What is Industrial Floor Paint?
This is a paint which is specifically designed to bond with concrete. You cannot use paints that are designed to cover wooden surfaces on concrete because the moisture that is trapped inside will start to rise and expand which causes the paint to bubble. Paints for concrete are strong and durable enough not to bubble while providing ways for the moisture to eventually escape.
Paints and coatings, which tend to be clear, thick, and protective of the concrete offer many advantages for businesses looking to save money in the long run.

Benefits of Industrial Floor Coatings

Prevents Chipping & Staining
While concrete is strong, durable, and resistant to impacts, it is also subject to chipping when sharp, heavy objects strike the surface. Once chipped, it tends to expand over time and cause irregularities in the floor that will need to be addressed. The reason why concrete tends to chip is because of the porous nature of the material. That’s why it can stain so easily, as seen in many warehouses, auto shops, and manufacturing facilities.

A good industrial floor paint or coating prevents chipping and staining because it provides a layer of protection on top that seals the concrete which makes it non-porous and highly resistant to being chipped.

Easy to Maintain
Since the paint or coating prevents the floor from being stained, maintaining its appearance only requires basic mopping and buffing. There are no special techniques, equipment, or supplies needed to properly maintain a protected concrete floor.

A few coats of paint or the use of clear concrete coating offers years of protection. This means that the expenditure will pay for itself over time by preventing repairs or replacement.
However, despite the benefits there are many paints and coatings that use toxic materials. In the past, it was believed that when the paints and coatings hardened, the toxic materials inside were locked and presented no danger. Recent research has demonstrated that in fact, these materials are still evaporating into the air, which may cause health complications for those who work inside when exposed over a long time.

If you are interested in the non-toxic alternatives for industrial floor paint, contact the experts at Hybrid Coating Technologies.  HCT provides free consultations on how this type of paint works for your warehouse, storage area, or facility that has concrete flooring.


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