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Should You Buy No or Low VOC Paint? What’s Better For You?

Conventional paint, which is used in most homes and offices, is considered bad for the environment. As more and more people become conscious about global warming and minimizing the carbon footprint, paint manufacturers have been forced to make paints that are more eco friendly, and either No VOC or Low VOC.  

What’s VOC? VOC means Volatile Organic Compound. It is the chemical that gives the paint used to coat the walls its unique smell. VOC is a very unstable chemical which emits gasses which are dangerous for your health and harmful to the environment. That explains why regulators have imposed strict restrictions on paints that are high in VOCs.

The VOCs from paints can spread through the house. In fact, volatile organic compounds have a much higher presence indoors than outdoors, and this is attributed to the VOC in paint. Inhaling the VOCs can lead to several health problems, which is why it is important to use paints with the least amount of VOCs possible. This has led to the development of low VOC and no VOC paints.

Low VOC paints are paints that have a much lower concentration of VOCs. This means the VOCs are not emitted as gas by the paints. But in this case, “low” means that these paints have a lower concentration of VOCs than traditional paints – this is not the same as not having any VOCs. They still have volatile organic compounds in them.

There are many paint brands that provide low VOC paints, such as ICI, Para, Farrow & Ball and Behr. But remember, this is not the same as “no” VOC, which is why you should look for No VOC paints made by companies such as Hybrid Coatign Technologies™ or TRUE Green Poly™. These are paints with absolutely no presence of VOCs. This is not to say that they don’t have the presence of any dangerous chemicals, but they are much safer than low VOC paints, and certainly much more environmentally friendly than the traditional paints.

Green Polyurethane™ by Hybrid Coating Technologies is a leading manufacturer of NO VOC paints. The advantage of No VOC paints is that they have very little odor and dry pretty fast. They are durable and provide a decent coverage. They can be applied to a variety of surfaces and are available in a number of different colors. They are easily available as well, so you don’t have to look too hard for them.

However, the drawbacks are that these paints contain solvents and additives which can be quite dangerous for health. When shopping for the best No VOC paint for your house, make sure to buy those that contain no extra additives or solvents.

Paints from Hybrid Coating Technologies™ are among the most eco-friendly options out there, and are composed of zero toxic Isocyanates and contain ZERO VOCs. They have very little odor and are composed of 100% solids.

As the first-ever modified hybrid polyurethane used in paints and coatings Green Polyurethane™ paints offer extensive protection from corrosion and have a non-porous coating structure, which makes them more durable than traditional coatings. They are safe and have no harmful effects on your health.


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