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Painting Concrete Floors

Painting Concrete Floors

October 22, 2015

A concrete floor is an important part of the building. A building without a concrete floor is always incomplete even if it is good looking from the outside. Therefore, the choice of the concrete floor paint is imperative. In most cases, Floors are the most abused parts of a building. It is, therefore, important to protect it them from destruction and increase their longevity. According to building experts, painting concrete floors protect them from abuses such as abrasion, chemical attack, impacts of thermal shock, among others. Although the main reason for painting concrete floors may be associated with aesthetic benefits, the core purpose is to protect the slab from contamination and deterioration. Normally, Concrete floors are porous and, they, therefore, create dust due to continuous wear and tear. Eventually, the floor becomes unsightly.

In such a case, it is important to protect the floor with high-class protective paints. Regardless of the purpose of the building, that is whether commercial or residential, it is important to paint the floor to improve on its longevity and other reason as mentioned above. Concrete paints are of different type and you, therefore, need to buy the best paint for your floor. 

Hybrid coating technologies offers the best paints for painting concrete floors. Unlike other coating paints, hybrid coating comes with a lot of benefits. Hybrid Coatings combines the benefits of Epoxy and polyurethane. They are quite different from the traditional coating. For instance, hybrid coating bonds well with concrete floors that are prepared well. Also, it can be used to resurface old floors or worn out concrete that needs a garage floor surface. Most hybrid coating provides extremely hard, thick and surfaces that are impact resistant. Their self-leveling and thickness help to fill the small airline cracks and the floor imperfections. Additionally, they work excellently against hot tire pick up, scratching and wear from abrasion. The polyurethane hybrid coating does not yellow at any one time. It counters the ultraviolet rays making it difficult to yellow. It has highly tolerant to high pressure and scratches.
Other benefits of hybrid coating paints include:

1. They are excellent wetting properties which allow them to penetrate well into the concrete floor and form a strong bonding.
2. They have decreased chances of bubbles from outgassing due to their faster cure rate.
3. Because of their crystal clear finish, they never blush from moisture in the concrete.
4. High resistance to stains and chemicals
5. 100% solid content with little or no VOC’s in most applications
6. Hybrid coating of paints such as epoxy are multi-purpose. They are used in factory, home, office, workshop among many other places you may think of. They are, therefore, liked by most people.
The concrete floors need protection from wear and tear.

As mentioned previously, painting concrete floors not only improve their appearance but increases their longevity. A well-painted floor is easy to maintain and last for a longer time period. The selection of the paint for your concrete floor is imperative. Hybrid coating paints are the best paints to protect concrete floors from destruction and give them a beautiful sheen at the same time.

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