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Non Toxic Polyurethane

Non Toxic Polyurethane

September 9, 2015

If you are thinking about investing in some polyurethane then you certainly have a lot to think about. After all, you need to think about the benefits and which type of polyurethane you need as well, which can make the overall decision more complicated. Polyurethane contains isocyanates and these are known for causing respiratory irritation. If the polyurethane has not been cured before it is used, it can actually cause permanent health difficulties such as asthma and this is something that you want to avoid if you want to protect the overall safety of your family. You will also find that if you have an uncured polyurethane floor, that you can experience headaches, vomiting, coughing, nausea, shortness of breath and even throat irritation, so you can clearly see the danger that it poses.

When you use non-toxic polyurethane however, you won't experience any of these problems and it is much safer overall. The application is much more cost effective and in some instances, the non-toxic polyurethane may also last longer because it has been chemically engineered to deliver bigger and better results, without posing a health risk to you and your family.

As you can see, it is entirely possible for you to get all the benefits of polyurethane without necessarily having to put up with the risks that are involved. You will also find that non-toxic polyurethane is just as affordable when compared to standard polyurethane and this gives you all the more reason to consider the friendly, non-toxic alternative.

The EPA advises many cautionary procedures for applying polyurethane, which points to the seriousness of its toxicity. It’s also recommend to use Green Polyurethane to completely eliminate any toxic isocyanates, which the EPA recently endorsed by awarding its creator Hybrid Coating Technologies Inc. with its Green Chemistry Award.

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