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Why Non Toxic Polyurethane Alternatives in Industrial Flooring is Becoming More Popular

Why Non Toxic Polyurethane Alternatives in Industrial Flooring is Becoming More Popular

Aug 9, 2016

When it comes to the concrete floor in your business or facility that has a high amount of vehicular or foot traffic, protecting it is a substantial part of lowering potential repair costs. Concrete floors are very strong and durable, but because there are air pockets they are subject to chipping and staining which not only makes the floor look ugly, but also reduces its strength.

Quite often, concrete floors in auto shops or high industrial areas need to be replaced because of the damage done over time or because when selling the property its appearance reduces the value. However, there is a simple, effective solution that provides ample protection called floor coatings.
What are Industrial Floor Coatings?

This is a clear substance that coats the floor in its liquid state and then hardens when it dries. The entire process takes about 12 to 24 hours depending on a number of factors, but the end result will be a floor coating that is clear and protects the concrete underneath.

It must be noted that until recently most floor coatings were derived of toxic petroleum-based substances which caused a noticeable amount of indoor air pollution when they were first installed. Generally speaking, the area is cleared of all personnel when the floor coating is applied and most installers were masks to protect themselves from exposure to the toxic properties.

However, when the floor fully dries the remaining toxins are locked into the coating and only released in very small amounts. The concern for the toxins is such that there are now non toxic polyurethane alternatives being used.

Advantages of Non Toxic Polyurethane Alternatives

There are a number of benefits that using non toxic alternatives will have on your business and the protection of your flooring.

Safe: Because the amount of toxins is greatly reduced, the chances of you or your employees becoming affective by them is virtually nil. This is especially true once the coating hardens as what little toxins remain are locked into the coating.

Long Lasting: The durability of the floor coating is unaffected by the use of the non toxic properties which means that they will last a long time protecting your flooring.

Changing Regulations: One of the constant issues that many companies must keep an eye on when using the traditional toxic properties in protecting their flooring is new government regulations that may suddenly make it illegal to have such a floor coating. While the possibility may seem small today, the movement to get away from toxic substances has been growing.

Selling Point: If you decide to sell your business, one of the areas to show off will be the hybrid non toxic floor coating. This is a two-fold selling point because your flooring is still protected and non toxic substances were used.

You can find out more about non toxic polyurethane alternatives by contacting Hybrid Flooring Technologies. Their friendly, courteous staff will answer any questions about how the process works and what is used to protect your floors.

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