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Non-Toxic Paint Solutions

Non-Toxic Paint Solutions

March 11th 2015

The Importance Of A Non Toxic Paint written by: Dorcus One of the ways of enhancing the overall elegance of a building is via painting. Most of the paints that are used are made of chemical content, which give them the ability to preserve the surfaces. Nevertheless, there are some of the chemicals that are used, which make these paints lethal to the environment. There are toxic and non toxic paints, which have different effects to the environment, though the performance might not vary as such.

The Toxic Level And Its Impacts
The majority of the paints that are used will have toxic chemicals like the volatile organic compounds, VOCs and other solvents. Usually, once the paint is applied and left to dry, the chemicals will then evaporate, which will then be inhaled easily by the dwellers.

There are the water-based paints and the oil-based paints. The water based are mostly used on the walls and are also called acrylic emulsions. The oil-based paints, also known as the solvents, are mostly used for finishing, usually if one needs glossy surface. The solvent will be included in the paint in order to thin it and allow it to spread smoothly on the surface. When the fumes from the toxic paints are inhaled, one will be at risk of contracting sinusitis or asthma. Mostly if the person had some small traces of asthma in their system, it can be aggravated.

Other than the dwellers, the painters also stand a risky encounter when dealing with toxic paints. When the paint is inhaled when still fresh, the toxic content can lead to some cancers. One of the most possible type of cancer to be contracted is the lung cancer. The exposure to the solvent in the paint has led to the painter’s dementia. This is a condition that has been noted in some countries, where the painter suffers from memory loss and other thinking issues.

Some toxic paints can be too strong in their smell, which will make them unbearable in a closed room. This can lead to breathing problems and even irritation in the throat or nose.

Normally, it will be safer to use the water-based paints, which have less content of solvent. The water-based paints also have less toxic content and they will be having a slight smell. This will ensure that you have your home looking elegant and that you are safe from the effects of the lethal content.

However, the best way to solve this is by using a natural paint. A natural, non toxic paint is generally one that has no such content like VOC or solvent and they are also odorless. The natural paint will also not produce fumes into the air, which assures you of a safe environment, free from strong smells.

You can consider Hybrid Coating Technologies paint, which are environmentally friendly and overly natural. These paints are non toxic and they have no smell, solvent or VOC. In addition, they are of a high quality, so you will still have an elegant surface that is friendly. These paints have been developed under the latest technology to ensure that the quality is sustained and that the toxic level is eliminated.

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