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New Non-Toxic Polyurethane Alternative Save Lives

New Non-Toxic Polyurethane Alternative Save Lives

March 7th 2015

New Non-Toxic Polyurethane Alternatives Save Lives
Industrial floor coatings are recommended for any office mainly because the non-coated concrete floors are usually subject to damage from vehicles, excessive friction and abrasion, chemicals as well as oil. As a consequence, floors tend to obtain unseemly patches whereby water seeps in and out through the openings in the floor.

In addition, concrete floors that are not administered with commercial floor coatings are hard to clean without the usage of additional toxic chemicals. Think of how difficult it is just to get the grease off the garage floor. Concrete surfaces can be boring, unattractive and, dull whereas floor coatings can have almost any color or pattern.

Most people lack any idea how toxic paint or coatings used in daily situations and environments such as your house or the office and in your car can hamper your health. Although, we have the organizations such as the environmental protection agency; the mainstream paints and chemicals today are highly toxic.

This is gradually changing as new innovative alternatives to the ubiquitous coatings such as polyurethane have started to surface. Obviously it was not by volunteer achievement; it came about through a lot of pain, illness hardship and death from overexposure to toxins in daily chemicals. For example, take commercial coatings such as polyurethane. This substance is definitely one of the strongest as well as most man-made durable substances and is found in almost everything from floor coatings to plumbing to shoes to paint. The only difficulty with polyurethane is that it has isocyanates, a very toxic substance that can source irritation to the throat, lungs and eyes with the potential for very lethal consequences.

Presently, we can see the toxic polyurethane effects in the commercial coatings industry whereby large amounts of coatings are sprayed on a daily basis in the hospitals and factories and warehouses. As the labor force have reported illness in addition to difficulties working with these hazardous materials, the occupational safety and hazard Association of the United States has now stepped in to start regulating companies, as well as their usage procedures.

The new regulation has now turned into higher charges for corporations that are still using toxic polyurethane, that requires more advisors, precautions, in addition to time spent on the job. Luckily, new alternatives, for example, green polyurethane found at Hybrid Coating Technologies, as well as epoxy, have zero volatile organic compounds. For instance, isocyanates and are not subject to the regulations that the traditional polyurethane is, hence more cost savings.

In weighing a product like green polyurethane, it is vital to measure the 2 main abilities of durability, as well as chemical resistance. In this case, green polyurethane is a far more superior product as it has durability beyond customary polyurethanes, yet also has the chemical resilience of the strongest epoxy.
Green polyurethane is recommended by the national environmental protection agency thus can function as a genuine alternative plus its non-toxic polyurethane. Moving onward, it's vital that the public be cultured about the contents of daily products like paint as well as floor coatings. Similar to the food business, one day we will likely see the chemicals and industrial coatings manufacturers finally revealing the contents of the products publicly. But maybe most significantly is the alternative solutions that are cost effective and permit corporations to make the transition financially feasible.

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