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Industrial Floor Coatings - Are They Toxic

Industrial Floor Coatings - Are They Toxic

March 3rd 2015

Safe Green Technology Industrial Floor Coatings written by: Dorcus Industrial floors need perfect coatings to protect them from a number of actions. These floors endure high traffic in busy commercial industries. They need coatings that will provide aesthetic appeal as well as protection. Polyurethane has been used for a long time in industrial floor coatings mainly for its longevity and the beautiful sheen it produces on natural wood floors. However, the coating is also a toxic chemical that increases health risks. It must therefore be used very cautiously. When looking for coatings, there are various considerations to make ranging from use to type of floor, occupational health safety issues, durability, aesthetic value and protection from elements.

Polyurethane coatings
When it comes to industrial floor coatings, polyurethane is the most preferred compound used. The main types of polyurethane coatings are water-based and oil-based coatings. Water based coatings will give a clear shinny sheen on your floors while oil-based options dry to an amber touch. Both coatings are excellent and last long while protecting your floors from pests and elements of weather. The coatings will also leave an unparalleled finish on your floors. Apart from water-based and oil-based coatings, another form of green technology polyurethane is available in the market. This coating is much safer and produces the same value and impression.

Negatives of polyurethane coatings
While polyurethane industrial floor coatings are the most commonly available, the product has been proven to pose several health risks. Polyurethane is known as respiratory toxin. Uncured coating contains isocyanides that can cause breathing problems and asthma. Other side effects of exposure to uncured polyurethane floor coatings include eye irritation, throat irritation, nausea, coughing, headaches and vomiting as well as shortness of breath. It is therefore advisable to avoid the conventional industrial floor coatings and choose green alternatives that are safe.

Green polyurethane coatings
The respiratory problems and health risks of traditional industrial coatings led to development of green polyurethane alternative floor coatings. These green options are manufactured using patented technologies to produce a safe more effective coating. They do not contain any dangerous isocyanides and also take a short time to cure. They are just as aesthetic and durable on your floors. They are also easier to clean and do not react with cleaning agents which increases longevity. These options are environmentally friendly and contain no toxins. In order to reduce the risk of contracting respiratory problems, it is advisable to leave the floor to total cure before re-entering. Water and oil-based floor coatings may take days to weeks for complete curing depending on how much air flows into the house and amount applied.

Polyurethane alternative
Green polyurethane industrial floor coatings are more effective and less harmful when compared to conventional water and oil-based options. There are alternatives to polyurethane that can still be used to offer durable aesthetic protective sheens. The linseed oil made from flax is environmental-friendly and also penetrates deeper to provide a complete shield from elements.

Industrial coatings must meet occupational safety requirements and still provide the visual and cleaning values sought. The best coatings should be safe, environmentally friendly, aesthetic and long-lasting. It is important to buy green options from genuine licensed distributors who can guarantee quality. It is also recommended to leave the coating until it is fully cured to prevent any chance of exposure.

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