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How Commercial Floor Coating Lowers Expenditures in Your Business


For businesses, repair costs are one of the hidden factors when it comes to making out a budget. Repairs represent unanticipated expenses that can play havoc with a tight budget. While some repair situations are unavoidable, there are many others that may be prevented with a little foresight, planning, and applying the proper preventative measures.

Commercial floor coating is one of the more popular preventative applications that may save businesses from additional expenses that an unprotected floor might cause.  What’s important is for all business owners to consider what a commercial floor coating provides for their facility.

The advantages to businesses protective products provide are considerable. While there is an upfront cost to putting in the coating, the long-term savings may be substantial.

Long Lasting Protection: A typical floor coating will last for several years under normal conditions. The coating itself is thick enough to resist the impact of floor traffic, spills, and dropped materials which would otherwise damage or discolor the concrete floor.  

Simple Maintenance: Because the coating is solid, spills wipe up easily and the floor can be maintained with sweeping, mopping, and occasional buffing if desired. This means that you spend no more in maintaining your heavy traffic concrete floors than you would other flooring in your building.
Maintain Value: Because the floor coating lasts for several years, you can maintain the value of your building. This is important in case you want to sell the building or facility as clean, easy to maintain flooring helps keep up the value and makes it easier to sell.

Over time, the commercial floor coating helps to maintain the appearance and structural integrity of your floors. This means you significantly reduce of the chances of having to repair or replace the flooring over time because of this protective measure. In the long term, you may save a considerable amount on your expenses because repairs or replacement will not be needed, save for unusual situations that no amount of protection could provide.

Non-Toxic Alternatives

The one issue with many commercial floor coating products is that many of them contain toxic properties such as Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC). In the past, it was believed that these toxic elements were trapped in the coating and presented no danger to those working inside the building. However, recent research has demonstrated that these properties will leak out into the air and over time present health risks to those who work inside.

The good news is that today there are companies that sell non-toxic floor coating products that virtually eliminate VOCs and other toxins. This means that the number of toxins released into the air have been almost eliminated which creates a healthier environment inside the facility.

If you are interested in knowing more about the effectiveness of commercial floor coating products, particularly those that use non-toxic materials, call the experts at Hybrid Coating Technologies. They offer the expertise and non-toxic products that can protect your floors and lower the risk of toxicity of the air inside your building.

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