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How to Find the Right Industrial Floor Paint


Industrial floor paint products are used to protect the flooring of buildings, facilities, warehouses, and loading areas. While concrete materials are tough and durable on their own, they are prone to seepage because of their porous nature. You can see this in auto shops, loading areas, or even in your own concrete driveway as oil spills stain the material.

The porous nature of concrete means that it is also prone to chipping which means that impacts may widen cracks and dents, causing your floor to become even more compromised. A proper industrial floor paint not only seals up the porous surface, it can lessen the impact of scrapes, drops, and bumps that might otherwise damage your flooring.

Three Essential Elements to Floor Paint
The paint you choose needs to be aesthetically pleasing, but also possess three vital elements for it to work well.

Strong: The strength of the paint is vital because it is facing foot or vehicular traffic that causes scrapes and chipping to occur. The stronger the paint, the more it will hold up against the daily pressure, which means that your floors stay protected. Naturally, thicker coats of paint will help with its strength, but that will need to be balanced with the time and expense of the application process.

Durable: In addition to being strong, it also needs to last for a long time so you get the most value out of it. The durability of the paint means that it should hold up under most conditions for years before it needs to be repainted. This saves you money while causing less disruptions as frequent repainting slows down the operations of your business. Plus, if you should decide to sell the building or facility, having a strong floor paint present is considered a bonus for potential buyers.

Environmentally Safe: Most industrial floor paint products are made up of polyurethane, which is a very strong, durable material that unfortunately also has toxic properties called isocyanates. Studies have shown that while most of the isocyanates toxins are released from the polyurethane before it dries, even in its hardened state it will still give off these properties at a slower rate. This means that over time, the indoor air will become polluted with toxins that may cause allergy issues or in some cases, respiratory problems.

To avoid toxins, you should choose a paint that is low in polyurethane and considered “green” which means that the toxins present are in such low amounts that health issues are highly unlikely.
Where to Find the Most Environmentally Sound Floor Paint.

If you are looking for the best industrial floor paint that also protects the environment inside your building or facility, check out Hybrid Coating Technologies, which provides tough, durable, environmentally-friendly polymer-based paints that work for you needs all for a low, competitive price. If you are looking to protect the floors of your building, facility, or warehouse while protecting those who work inside, click here for a free estimate.