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Garage Floor Coatings

Garage Floor Coatings

May 1, 2015

A garage is typically meant for the purpose of parking cars. In current home designs, people tend to incorporate the garage to the main house. This implies that they will have the garage as an extension of the house. For that reason, your garage should look as elegant as possible and that is why you need to consider using garage floor coatings. One of the things that make a huge difference in any interior room is the floor design.

What are garage floor coatings?
These are not exactly floor extensions like tiles that are used in the house. They are basically a covering, which is mostly paint, that is applied to the floor of the garage. The type can be different and the application will also vary.

Why use the garage floor coatings?
There are a number of reasons that one would want to use the garage floor coatings. One of the common reasons for using the floor coating in the garage is to protect the original floor. Here are other benefits of using the floor coatings;
• Enhances durability. Most of the coatings that are used have a UV protection, which helps to give the garage door a durable coating. The coating that is applied will not peel and it will resist all the things that cause the floor to wear out.
• Enhances the beauty. The coating that is used will make the garage floor look more elegant, with a glossy surface. This makes it look like a part of the house, rather than using the rough concrete floor, plainly.
• Factors resistance. Another thing about the floor coating on the garage is that they will resist such things like automotive fluids and even water. Most of the floor coatings used are made with ingredients that will be resistant to the fluid, which might ruin the floor.
• Easy to clean and maintain. The most recently used garage floor coatings are glossy and will only need to be cleaned using a mopping stick.

How they work
Typically, the garage floor coatings will be applied to the floor of your garage, after it has been studied by the specialist. The aim of studying the floor is to ensure that the floor coating will successfully stick to the original floor. It is a coating that is applied to the floor, which means that it must stick on the previous floor without chipping off over time. They basically help to keep the floor looking elegant as well as help to reduce the abuse of the car and foot traffic.

Best solution for garage floor coatings
Previously, one of the drawbacks of the floor coatings is that they used substances that were somewhat dangerous to human life. Nevertheless, the current coatings are safer for the environment and people in the house. One of the best solution is the Green Polyurethane, which is a hybrid polyurethane that is manufactured without the use of toxic isocyanates. Other than safety to the health, the Green Polyurethane costs less than the traditional coatings.

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