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Concrete Floor Finishes

Concrete Floor Finishes

May 17,, 2016

Concrete is one the most versatile materials when it comes to interior floors because of the sheer versatility when it comes to overall strength, durability, design, and color. A concrete floor can be colored or stained in order to match a particular hue. Plus, you can finish your concrete floor to make it look like slate, marble, or tile which will last a very long time.

The secret to the versatility of concrete floors is the finishes that are used to make the final pattern, color, and design.

What are Concrete Floor Finishes?

The finish is a material that covers the concrete floor which provides it with a decorative coating that provides the flooring with its appearance. There are many different types of materials that can be used in concrete flooring finishes which include polishing, metallic epoxies, and the like.

If there is one issue with certain types of finishes is their toxicity levels. While finishes are not designed to be harmful, the toxicity level that many have may over time cause health issues in a closed interior space that does not get good airflow. This means that finishes used on outdoor concrete flooring such as patios for example may do little harm indoor flooring may be another matter.

One of the growing trends is the use of non-toxic hybrid finishes that provides outstanding results while keeping the toxicity rate to an absolute minimum. The “green finishes” as they are sometimes called offer a number of advantages.

Best Hybrid Finishes

These green finishes or hybrid finishes that combine traditional chemicals with green products results in a finish that is of very low toxicity and safe to use for indoor flooring. One of the more popular is Green Polyurethane that can be applied to many different surfaces and is often used in food and medical facilities.

Green Polyurethane in particular has become quite popular thanks to its unique properties that allow for certain advantages when applying it to concrete flooring.

Safe to Apply: Normally applying a finishing product requires the area around the location to be evacuated because the toxic chemicals in liquid form can enter the air causing a noticeable odor. Green Polyurethane is of very low toxicity to the point where surrounding locations in the building do not have to be evacuated or left empty for any period of time.

Little Seepage into the Air: Another advantage is that once the product hardens there is very little to no seepage of the toxic properties into the air itself which makes it very safe for long term use. This brings relief to those who may be working in the area for long periods of time as there is no appreciable health risk.

Long Lasting: The properties of Green Polyurethane when it comes to concrete floor finishes are considerable thanks to its durable qualities. This means for floors that see heavy traffic, it is the perfect finish because it holds up very well over time.

If you are considering a concrete floor finish for your business or personal needs, then going with the right hybrid product such as Green Polyurethane may be the perfect solution.

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