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Best Concrete Floor Paint


Floors take more punishment than any other surface in a building or facility. While concrete floors offer many advantages that include their inherent strength, toughness, and reasonable cost, they are subject to chipping and wearing down over time. This is because the concrete itself is porous which is why it retains stains so easily and can be damaged and worn down. Therefore, the best concrete floor paint is recommended for additional protection. By adding a layer of the right paint, a concrete floor can withstand the abuse for far longer periods.

The question becomes what type of concrete paint is the best for your floor. For facilities and warehouses that see a great deal of foot, cart, and vehicle traffic, getting the right paint is paramount to the longevity of your concrete floor. You will need to evaluate the floor itself, understand the conditions it will undergo, and choose the right type of paint that works best for your needs.

Inspect & Evaluate the Flooring Surface
The first step before you look at concreate paints is to inspect the surface of the flooring so that you know what needs to be addressed. For the paint to work, the surface must be clean and not contaminated with foreign material that would interfere with the adhesion of the paint. In addition, a distressed surface that has cracks, unevenness, or spaces will need to be addressed as well. Just like the exterior of your building needs to be cleaned, patched, and evened out before applying a new coat of paint, so too does your concrete floor.

Also, you will need some surface preparation for the area that you going to cover in paint. Just like you need primer under paint, so too may you need an underlying layer to support the paint itself on your concrete floor.

Basically, what will your floor undergo over the next several years so that you can choose the right type of paint. You can count on foot traffic along with carts and dollies. For warehouses and loading areas, you can add forklifts and other machinery. Auto repair shops can add vehicular traffic and chemicals such as oil to the list.

Appearance & Life Expectancy

Of course, how your floor appears is an important consideration. After all, you must look at it for several years to come. Add to this any issues with applying the paint which may disqualify certain brands or textures and how long you want the paint to last is another important consideration. While everyone wants it to last forever, even the best concrete floor paint will need to be reapplied probably every five to fifteen years depending on its use.

Taking all of that into consideration, you’ll need to find the right paint that meets all the demands while keeping within your budget. Remember, you should get the best concrete floor paint for the lowest price, not the cheapest. Also, be sure to choose a non-toxic floor paint to reduce health hazards inside your facility. For more information about non-toxic concrete floor paints, consult the experts at Hybrid Coating Technologies.


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