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Are Concrete Painted Floors Worth the Investment?


For buildings, warehouses, storage areas, or facilities with concrete flooring, there are multiple benefits that are undeniable. Concrete is a strong, durable, and relatively inexpensive substance that is used for flooring around the world. However, despite all its advantages, concrete still needs additional protection to maintain its integrity. That’s why concrete painted floors have advantages that might want to consider.

Disadvantages of Bare Concrete Floors
While concrete does have several noticeable advantages, there are a couple of disadvantages that you need to be aware.

Porous Surface:
Concrete is essentially a mixture of rocks that have been crushed and melded together when dried. However, even the best concrete still has pockets of air that make the surface porous. This means that liquids, dust, dirt, and other materials can seep into the concrete over time causing it to look discolored and stained.

You can see this in auto shops where oil has been spilled, but the staining and discoloration will be present in all concrete floors that have not been properly treated. 

Chipping: Another issue with the porous nature of concrete is how it chips on impact. Chips and cracks occur when something heavy enough impacts the surface over an area with air pockets present. The chipping damages the integrity of the floor and it will only get worse over time.
To correct this issue, the surface of the concrete will need to be treated and covered with the right type of paint.

How the Right Paint Bolsters the Integrity of Concrete
Concrete painted floors solve the two main issues of bare concrete. It seals the surface which prevents materials from seeping into the concrete itself and it helps prevent chipping from impacts.
The paint works by covering the surface until it is no longer porous. Now spills, dust, dirt, and other materials cannot penetrate and can be easily cleaned away. This resistance to materials also prevents staining and protects the surface for years. In addition, because the surface is now covered in paint, it holds together better when impacted by objects. In other words, it is now harder to chip the concrete and as a consequence it maintains its integrity over time.

Another advantage is that skidding caused by tires, shoes, and other objects that normally discolor the surface can now be eliminated by the protection of the paint. You will need to use heat-resistant paint to ensure that hot tires do not peel it away.

Finding the Right Paint for Your Concrete Floors
If you are interested in having concrete painted floors in your garage, warehouse, or facility, then a safe bet is to choose from the environmentally-safe products from Hybrid Coating Technologies. The protection of your concrete floors should not come at the expense of risking the health of those who live or work inside. The experts at Hybrid Coating Technologies will provide you with the right advice and selection of products that really work on multiple levels including both durability and sustainability.
Having your concrete floors painted provides a level of protection that adds years to the integrity of your flooring. For more information, contact Hybrid Coating Technologies for a free no obligation quote.  Just click here.

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